Hobbies, Favorite dishes, and Travel destinations

Moiz Manasawala has also etched out a world of interests, passions, and hobbies outside the work-field. He is a bookworm who savors both high literary fiction and a wide area of non-fiction, enriching his ever-expanding arsenal of general awareness and knowledge of various fields and disciplines. Other than this, his hobbies include pondering over chessboard puzzles and bird-watching. Moiz has been on several trips to the bird sanctuaries of Kerala and his fascination with birds goes beyond mere technical nitpicking about their biometrics, to affection towards them. Moiz does not own any birds because he believes that to enclose them in a cage is a cruelty.

Moiz Manasawala is also a great food enthusiast and nothing short of a connoisseur and does not shy away at trying experimental, alien, and all degrees of spicy food irrespective of its country of origin. He has had a lot of continental dishes alongside traditional, local, and regional Indian cuisines, and his favorites among them include a pinch of hors d’oeuvre as an appetizer, the traditional Turkish roasted lamb for the main course, and just plain old cheesecake for dessert. He also has a sweet tooth even in his middle-aged years, and raspberry crumbles top his list of favorite confections.

Even though his hefty schedule and stringent workflow coupled with his workaholic nature allow for the very little scope of taking holidays, Moiz Manasawala takes each annual holiday opportunity to travel both overseas and around India. He has been in transit often in younger years, thanks to his penchant for many cross-national internships and business projects, but his favorite tourist destination lies at a relatively tamer and less well-praised tail of India, in Coorg, Karnataka, as he treks by the rolling green valleys and cascading waterfalls of Kodagu, and takes his tranquil solitude to imbibe the gothic architectures of the stray churches.