Born and raised amid the hubbub of the throbbing industrial heart of India, Mumbai, Moiz Manasawala has had a long career in the management field, with more than two decades worth of working experience in Swingtel alone. These two decades were when Swingtel was gradually catapulted to success. He has been the architect at the front and center as Swingtel has grown from a modest group of automotive engineering solution in the early 1990s to the cutting-edge lab and top of the line semiconductor distribution giant it is today – on par with the top players in the market. Swingtel now has now reached the who’s a who hall of fame in semiconductor manufacturing and innovation, with two separate dedicated design labs.

Moiz’s leadership is entailed by clever niche strategization and precise execution of it to make such extraordinary growths possible, thanks also in part to the experience he has picked up from exposure to global market internships and a meticulous work-life at a young age. His academic life also underpins the same practical work experience, as Moiz is not just simply another Business Graduate, but one with international cross-training and unparalleled experience gathered from working and training with industry professionals, which makes Moiz Manasawala a well-trained, seasoned chairperson fit for the task of dealing with the management of critical projects.

His arsenal of work experience also continues to grow in Swingtel. He plays a key role in the Swingtel conglomerate’s inclusion under the ‘Make in India’ tagline, as it contributes to the program in a major way by designing global chipsets and semiconductors that make for both robust and cost-effective automotive electronics solutions, all of them made in Indian factories with virtually no importing costs, thus laying the foundations of a precursor to a sustainable all-Indian industry with more opportunities and more profits.

Above and beyond the corporate garb, the business acumen and experience of Moiz Manasawala are complemented by humility and steadfast punctuality. He is also a people person with great interpersonal skills, as Moiz is celebrated and loved by all his peers and colleagues. This personality also makes Moiz Manasawala a reliable crucial tasks manager valued by shareholders and company authorities.