Moiz Manasawala is a creative and hands-on entrepreneur

About Moiz Manasawala

Moiz Manasawala is a creative and hands-on entrepreneur, highly experienced with start-ups, mobile technology, consumer products, and marketing.

Born and brought up in Bombay, now Mumbai, Moiz Manasawala has a vast experience in the Indian IT and ITes industry, Offshore Software RandD, KPO, Gaming & Interactive Entertainment industry, Gaming, Media & Advertising, Telecom, Banking & Insurance & Human Capital Management, Image Tracking and Video Analytics etc.

Moiz started working at a very early age at his uncle’s office dabbling in the Stock Exchange from the time he was still in school.

A Six Sigma Black Belt, strategic thinker and technology enthusiast, Moiz Manasawala enjoys playing Poker, Bridge, Chess, Table Tennis during his free time. Moiz loves to travel for pleasure as well as business


In 2014 Moiz Manasawala founded Swingtel Communications Private Limited, One of India’s Leading, Hi-Tech Design, Solution & Distribution Conglomerate.

This was Moiz’s 4th entrepreneur venture. Moiz Manasawala had previously founded his own Advertising and Brands Promotional agency, which he headed for 9 years. During the Mobile boom in the mid to late 1990s, Moiz Manasawala also started a mail carrier company especially dedicated to Telecom companies to help them send mobile bills to 1000s of their customers monthly.

Moiz Manasawala also created and launched a website on an online beauty contest for individuals of Mumbai, which was later bought over by a private investor who pitched this idea to a national level beauty pageant.

As of today, the company that Moiz Manasawala formed in 2014, Swingtel Communication now employees more than 500 people in India.

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