Mr. Moiz Manasawala is the  Founder – Managing Director and Vice Chairman for Swingtel Group.

Above everything else, Mr. Moiz Manasawala believes that no achievement is impossible if one has enough commitment to his will to attain it. These are words that he lives by, and his personal accolades stand testimony to how much success it can bring about.

Moiz Manasawala is the central figure of Swingtel, and as the Managing Director and Vice Chairman, he has been the chief orchestrator of its massive success as the institution has risen to rank among the top 5 semiconductor distributing companies in India. It is, again, the growth strategies and willpower of Moiz that has facilitated and expedited the ambitious expansions of Swingtel to hold high stakes in the electronics automobile industry with their concept body modules for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the past couple of years.

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